Challenges We Faced and Takeaways You Can Use
From Our Live Case Files

Kaul Sales Partner CEO, Larry Kaul, walks you through tough challenges our clients faced in areas like lead generation, sales campaign strategy, company positioning and closing new business.

Sharing what we’re learning along the way to improve our practice and our client’s outcomes. You might find these valuable!


Stories from the Trenches #1:
When You Can’t Get to the Decision Maker

Stories from the Trenches: When You Can’t Get to the Key Decision Maker

Is your offering drop-dead good — but you’re getting deflected by gatekeepers or spinning your wheels in conversations with people too far down the food chain? Larry addresses this specific problem in this video…

Stories from the Trenches #2:
What to Do When a Key Person Leaves the Company

Stories from the Trenches: What to Do When a Key Person Leaves the Company

Panic and pain set in immediately in a small business when an extremely talented person leaves – and takes a huge chunk of your company’s knowledge, skill and effectiveness with them. Check out our thoughts on how to deal with these moments of vulnerability.