Kaul Sales Partners Pathway To New Revenue Services

Foundational Action Platform

Profit Diagnostic, Messaging, Sales, Content And Marketing Campaign Strategy

We function as an organic extension of your team to deliver actionable strategic analysis and 100% on-the-ground execution.

Insight is one thing. Actionable insight is another.

Kaul Sales Partners offers you smart sales campaign execution anchored in our foundational inquiry strategy process.

The foundational inquiry starts with a profit diagnostic.

Many CEOs we talk to know how revenue is trending but can’t meaningfully answer questions about strategic focus or the reasons why their lead generation, marketing and sales programs fail. Whether you invest in a sales and marketing department or rely on the senior team to “make rain,” most only begin a dead-serious investigation when sales are flat or crumbling and/or gross margins are flat or declining.

How can you prove that these crucial business areas are carrying their own weight and delivering profit?

Can you say with confidence that your sales and marketing arms (including the executive team) are fully aligned with your strategic goals? Do you believe that all (or most) of your current customers are generating profit for you or just draining your operating resources? Are your pricing policies fully rationalized and enforced across the entire organization?

Does your executive team have significant expertise in consultative sales methodology?

These are just a few of the critical questions that we’ll dig into together. The answers will light the way to more effective sales and marketing investments. Decades of outcomes (and learning the hard way) have taught us how to ask the right questions and deliver the results you need.

Why a Diagnostic and what are the Deliverables?

An end-to-end diagnostic of your sales and marketing strategy and processes will reveal powerful new opportunities. Here are the kinds of questions and issues we will explore:

  • How well are sales and marketing aligned with your strategic objectives?
  • Are your sales and pricing policies clearly articulated? Enforced? If not, why?
  • How do you price a product or service, and what was your rationale for creating them?
  • How effectively is the sales approach managed? Using what metrics?
  • How are your incentives for sales and management people aligned with your strategic goals?
  • Has your cost of sales fluctuated over the past years? Why?
  • How many of your clients are profitable? How many are losing you money?
  • What’s your per-client revenue “break-even point” for understanding an account’s contribution to profitability?
  • Do your salespeople command knowledge of the industry and major competitors? (Note: If trained properly, everyone in sales should be able to make a cogent presentation to you as if they were a competitor.)
  • Has everyone in sales and marketing been properly trained for the role they have currently — especially your sales management?

THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS — and others we find along the way — will inform a set of recommendations that help you get clarity and a plan for action.

The fee for this process is the same as our standard monthly retainer. When completed, you will see your business clearer, understand your challenges better and know what fixes need to be made.

Need a Reason to Believe? See Our Diagnostic Case Studies.

Messaging Workshop

What happens when you can’t quickly answer the question, “What do you do?” You get lost in the noise. You may have a great sales organization, but not knowing your positioning and core messaging makes it nearly impossible to create effective sales campaigns.

Without bringing the client voice into the conversation results may suffer. Therefore, we interview current clients and known prospects as we work through the message strategy.

You must define and defend your core position

  • How do you typically present your company to prospects from the introductory meeting to final proposal stage?
  • What do you perceive as the greatest problems in new client acquisition and achieving your new revenue targets?
  • What did you do in the past that was successful? What was not successful?
  • Who are your best clients, financial value and what basis do you use to judge them as best clients?
  • How will you prove the emotional, strategic and financial benefit of your offerings to your client base?
  • Why would a prospective client select your offering versus “doing it themselves” or working with a competitor?
  • What presentation, product demo or diagnostic assessment offer will bring dimension and value to the prospect?

The strategy session provides a simple framework that anchors all your sales or content campaigns — and makes sure your communication with prospects is concise and compelling.

Our messaging workshop equips you with the following tools:

  • Internal Positioning Statement for Your Company

    Our session yields a “guidepost” statement that distills your target market and key differentiators in one sentence — informing clear and compelling communication at all customer touchpoints.

  • Mission and Vision Statements

    Statements for internal use that define and communicate your company culture and reason for existence.

  • Key Home Page Messaging Elements

    You have a handful of seconds (and a few choice words) to make your prospect understand what you do, for whom and how you do it better. We wordsmith home page messaging that aligns directly with your internal positioning statement.
    Deliverables include tagline options, home page copy, About Us section and service descriptions.

Sales and Marketing Campaign Strategy Workshop

Business and message strategy fail without best-in-class sales campaign execution. This is why many B2B agencies and marketing consultants fall short. Many excellent positioning, branding and website design firms provide high-level strategic services. Without sound execution, you hire them at your peril.

Effective Segmentation

Kaul Sales Partners helps you refine your view of the battlefield with segmentation analysis that produces better business conversation opportunities with the right decision makers. Our sales workshop ensures you pinpoint the correct targets and calculate your best opportunity in the context of company strengths and prospect needs.

Ask Hard Questions, Get Better Answers

We will not launch a campaign until we are 100% confident that our groundwork has gone inside the prospect’s head and distilled a defensible, strategic selling angle that cuts through industry noise.

Here are the kind of questions you’re likely to hear from us:

  • What are the greatest buying motivations for your prospects in each segment?
  • How can you positively impact the situation faced by the prospects in your segments?
  • Can you prove it?
  • How do you justify your value claim?
  • What are the critical pain points faced by the prospect? What are his or her aspirations?
  • What is your proven solution in regards to that situation?
  • How do you typically manage conversation at the needs discovery and proposal stages?
  • What low-cost or complimentary assessment offer will bring dimension and value to the prospect?
  • What editorial (not sales) content will bring your unique perspective to the market?

We scale based on client requirements to run multiple campaigns at the same time. Kaul Sales Partners becomes your agile sales department that works closely with your team in pursuit of revenue.

List Strategy

We have spent years fine-tuning best practices that focus campaigns, reach the right prospects and tame list management and deliverability. We know how to avoid common practices that drive down open rates or send you to the junk folder. Because of our research and technology you can rely on our list team to find the right contacts, email addresses and phone numbers.

Lead Generation, Marketing And Prospecting Campaign Design And Execution

Sales campaign emails, cold calls and social media outreach:

From the strategy findings, we develop a series of emails for each campaign following a format that works regardless of market or service / software offering.

The idea is to put up a mirror in front of the reader. If they like their reflection it’s more likely that we will see a response. We work together to answer the following simple questions.

  • What is one sentence to explain the critical pain points faced by the prospect?
  • How can we explain the proven solution in regards to that situation?

Our offer to the prospect varies by client and campaign. We want a business conversation with decision makers and key influencers. That typically starts with a phone conversation. Credentials from our campaign, such as editorial content, or from your marketing department provide support for the message. When possible, a free or low-cost assessment or trial does the trick.

Once the campaign design is complete, it’s time to jump into action. This is our core “bread and butter” competency, and often the most critical breakdown point for our clients.

In the course of a campaign, we:

  • Reach out through LinkedIn and email our target campaign list optimizing the program for inbox placement
  • Create a simple lead scoring model to focus our sales callers
  • Schedule cold calls to immediately follow the email sends
  • Ask our salesperson to be prepared to quickly articulate the campaign message
  • Anticipate and constantly revise prospect objections
  • Create a feedback loop and schedule recurring calls to improve the program

Each sales campaign typically runs for about two months. Run as many campaigns as you want. During this time, we constantly monitor feedback data to refine messaging and delivery tactics. Marketing activities run in concert with each sales campaign.

Digital Marketing Design and Sales Campaign Integration

The sales and marketing divide is costly and emerges in most companies due to a misunderstanding between sales and marketing leaders. The personality profile differs and compensation does not align:


Marketing people are strategic and focused on the long term. They are paid a fixed salary. Results are measured but not directly attributed to marketing.


Salespeople are tactical and care only about pipeline management and closed business. They make a lot of money or lose their jobs based on revenue production.


Put sales and marketing into the same department and align the measurement and results, helping sales and marketing to join forces. When marketing and sales both take responsibility for the pipeline and closed business, the problem is easily solved. This is why at Kaul Sales Partners marketing and sales are not separate service offerings.

All Marketing is Sales Activity

Kaul Sales Partners puts marketing underneath the sales function. Our clients measure our performance on business generated. For us, mere lead generation doesn’t count. Therefore, marketing merges into our sales culture, changing its nature.

Marketing outreach campaigns strictly support discrete sales campaigns. There is no “marketing for marketing’s sake.” All marketing tactics must directly feed the pipeline or they don’t get used. We do not think of marketing driving leads to sales so that sales can then close the leads. Marketing becomes another sales tactic, coordinated tightly with sales outreach.

Social media, digital advertising, email marketing and website conversion optimization are the preferred methods to find and convert prospects from marketing services.

Content Campaign Strategy, Design and Execution

Kaul Sales Partners engages with your subject matter experts to develop high-value content that supports campaigns for specific pipeline segments. We ask questions and turn those conversations into finished drafts, taking the writing assignment off your plate.
This content is published on your website and supported with digital advertising.

Opportunity Creation and Closing Services

Knowing how to create and close opportunities based on client need and competitive differentiation requires sophisticated consultative sales expertise.

Kaul Sales Partners Sales Directors are not telemarketers. They’re seasoned veterans with deep experience across many verticals. In our experience, junior people can be effective at lead generation, but generally aren’t sophisticated enough to create opportunities for complex, nuanced offerings.

Our Sales Directors bring decades of experience to each call, from introductory conversation to closing, probing with the right questions and working hand in hand with research to understand prospect value triggers. They build and stay on top of your pipeline bringing strategic sales capabilities to all prospect communications from start to finish. The result is more business for your company.

Strategic and Consultative Sales Coaching

Many Kaul Sales Partners clients have their own internal sales organizations. While these groups naturally default to the view that the only problem is “not enough qualified leads,” we often see big opportunities go to waste even when lead flow increases.
For clients that do not engage our opportunity creation and closing services, we offer a strategic consultative sales coaching program. It starts with situation analysis: Our team listens in on prospect calls to identify opportunities for improvement and recommends solutions, working with your sales team on an as-needed basis.

During this engagement, we evaluate your sales team’s ability to answer critical questions based on initial sales conversations with prospects:

  • What got this prospect’s attention?
  • What does the company senior executive team care about the most?
  • Why does this matter and how does it impact your prospect?
  • How does the prospect define their opportunities and challenges?
  • And much more

We stay engaged with your team until they are able to answer all the right questions after prospect calls. In some cases, clients migrate some or all of this work to our Sales Directors.

Sales Technology System Selection,
Implementation & Management

Some of our clients want to build their own internal technology platforms to run marketing, sales and email campaigns. In this scenario, Kaul Sales Partners builds a replica of our own proven and tested system — customized for your unique needs and executed on your own CRM and marketing automation software.

Our client retains full enterprise-level permissions and
access to all records, data and reporting.

Many clients prefer to rely on our systems. In all cases, clients own all sales and marketing data. You have full visibility into our platform through data exports and regular reporting. In both cases, you may follow the Kaul Sales Partners process. Using our system provides significant cost savings as we pay the licensing fees.

Consulting Engagement

Many of our clients decide to “build it themselves.”

Many of our clients decide to “build it themselves.” In these cases, we offer a consulting engagement. This includes a Pathway to New Revenue process. We will review, design and manage your entire sales and marketing revenue generation program.


If what you're doing isn't producing the revenue you want, please contact me for a complimentary action session.