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Kaul Sales Partners Pathway To New Revenue Services

Sales Technology System Selection,
Implementation & Management

Some of our clients want to build their own internal technology platforms to run marketing, sales and email campaigns. In this scenario, Kaul Sales Partners builds a replica of our own proven and tested system — customized for your unique needs and executed on your own CRM and marketing automation software.

Our client retains full enterprise-level permissions and
access to all records, data and reporting.

Many clients prefer to rely on our systems. In all cases, clients own all sales and marketing data. You have full visibility into our platform through data exports and regular reporting. In both cases, you may follow the Kaul Sales Partners process. Using our system provides significant cost savings as we pay the licensing fees.

Consulting Engagement

Many of our clients decide to “build it themselves.”

Many of our clients decide to “build it themselves.” In these cases, we offer a consulting engagement. This includes a Pathway to New Revenue process. We will review, design and manage your entire sales and marketing revenue generation program.


If what you're doing isn't producing the revenue you want, please contact me for a complimentary action session.