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Kaul Sales Partners Pathway To New Revenue Services

Opportunity Creation and Closing Services

Knowing how to create and close opportunities based on client need and competitive differentiation requires sophisticated consultative sales expertise.

Kaul Sales Partners sales team includes both Business Development Directors (prospecting hunters) and VPs of Sales (closers). They’re both seasoned veterans with deep experience across many verticals. In our experience, junior people can be effective at lead generation, but generally aren’t sophisticated enough to create opportunities for complex, nuanced offerings.

Our VPs of Sales bring decades of experience to each call, from introductory conversation to closing, probing with the right questions and working hand in hand with research to understand prospect value triggers. They build and stay on top of your pipeline bringing strategic sales capabilities to all prospect communications from start to finish. The result is more business for your company.

Strategic and Consultative Sales Coaching

Many Kaul Sales Partners clients have their own internal sales organizations. While these groups naturally default to the view that the only problem is “not enough qualified leads,” we often see big opportunities go to waste even when lead flow increases.
For clients that do not engage our opportunity creation and closing services, we offer a strategic consultative sales coaching program. It starts with situation analysis: Our team listens in on prospect calls to identify opportunities for improvement and recommends solutions, working with your sales team on an as-needed basis.

During this engagement, we evaluate your sales team’s ability to answer critical questions based on initial sales conversations with prospects:

  • What got this prospect’s attention?
  • What does the company senior executive team care about the most?
  • Why does this matter and how does it impact your prospect?
  • How does the prospect define their opportunities and challenges?
  • And much more

We stay engaged with your team until they are able to answer all the right questions after prospect calls. In some cases, clients migrate some or all of this work to our Sales Directors.

If what you're doing isn't producing the revenue you want, please contact me for a complimentary action session.