Rapid Insight into Critical Issues
B2B New Revenue and Profit 

Kaul Sales Partners CEO, Larry Kaul, shares hard-won perspectives gleaned from his years in the B2B sales trenches — and critical solutions uncovered in the course of helping businesses like yours today.

In about 10 minutes, Larry will give you insight that saves you wasted time on fruitless initiatives and offers ideas you can start using right away.

Check out the videos below:

Pathway to Revenue and Profit #1:
Profit Diagnostic

Profit Diagnostic: Homing In on Your True Business Drivers

No team, tactic or tool is going to work without a deep understanding of which business you should seek, and why.

You’re likely to confuse revenue symptoms with root causes until you undertake a structured approach that ties together business strategy, account strategy and sales.

Pathway to New Revenue and Profit #2:
Messaging Strategy

The Impact of Messaging Strategy on Your Ability to Sell

Freeze-dried marketing language isn’t going to get you on key prospect calendars. We’re continually amazed by how many businesses we find that have truly awesome products or services — and no idea how to talk about them. Is it possible your “sales problem” is rooted in a messaging issue.

Pathway to Revenue & Profit #3:
Core Message Strategy Example

Message Strategy Example in Action

What is your target market?  Who are you as a business organization?  The answers to these questions can provide a frame of reference which serves as a foundation for your overall messaging strategy.  Here’s a first-hand example with Kaul Sales Partners as the focus.

Pathway to Revenue & Profit #4:
Sales, Marketing & Content Campaign Strategy

Content Campaign Strategy

There’s often a fatal disconnect between what kind of language works at the general positioning level and what helps close new business. Our answer: a “sales first” approach to content that makes all your marketing and sales content hum together like a well-oiled machine.

Pathway to Revenue & Profit #5:
Opportunity Creation & Closing

Opportunity Creation with Ideal Prospects

Even passionate subject matter experts and SMEs in your organization may suffer from major blind spots in how to cultivate opportunities and guide prospect conversations. Here are some tactical insights for using precious prospect time to turn yourself into a “market of one.”