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Kaul Sales Partners Pathway To New Revenue Services

Lead Generation, Marketing And Prospecting Campaign Design And Execution

Sales campaign emails, cold calls and social media outreach:

From the strategy findings, we develop a series of emails for each campaign following a format that works regardless of market or service / software offering.

The idea is to put up a mirror in front of the reader. If they like their reflection it’s more likely that we will see a response. We work together to answer the following simple questions.

  • What is one sentence to explain the critical pain points faced by the prospect?
  • How can we explain the proven solution in regards to that situation?

Our offer to the prospect varies by client and campaign. We want a business conversation with decision makers and key influencers. That typically starts with a phone conversation. Credentials from our campaign, such as editorial content, or from your marketing department provide support for the message. When possible, a free or low-cost assessment or trial does the trick.

Once the campaign design is complete, it’s time to jump into action. This is our core “bread and butter” competency, and often the most critical breakdown point for our clients.

In the course of a campaign, we:

  • Reach out through LinkedIn and email our target campaign list optimizing the program for inbox placement
  • Create a simple lead scoring model to focus our sales callers
  • Schedule cold calls to immediately follow the email sends
  • Ask our salesperson to be prepared to quickly articulate the campaign message
  • Anticipate and constantly revise prospect objections
  • Create a feedback loop and schedule recurring calls to improve the program

Each sales campaign typically runs for about two months. Run as many campaigns as you want. During this time, we constantly monitor feedback data to refine messaging and delivery tactics. Marketing activities run in concert with each sales campaign.

Digital Marketing Design and Sales Campaign Integration

The sales and marketing divide is costly and emerges in most companies due to a misunderstanding between sales and marketing leaders. The personality profile differs and compensation does not align:


Marketing people are strategic and focused on the long term. They are paid a fixed salary. Results are measured but not directly attributed to marketing.


Salespeople are tactical and care only about pipeline management and closed business. They make a lot of money or lose their jobs based on revenue production.


Put sales and marketing into the same department and align the measurement and results, helping sales and marketing to join forces. When marketing and sales both take responsibility for the pipeline and closed business, the problem is easily solved. This is why at Kaul Sales Partners marketing and sales are not separate service offerings.

All Marketing is Sales Activity

Kaul Sales Partners puts marketing underneath the sales function. Our clients measure our performance on business generated. For us, mere lead generation doesn’t count. Therefore, marketing merges into our sales culture, changing its nature.

Marketing outreach campaigns strictly support discrete sales campaigns. There is no “marketing for marketing’s sake.” All marketing tactics must directly feed the pipeline or they don’t get used. We do not think of marketing driving leads to sales so that sales can then close the leads. Marketing becomes another sales tactic, coordinated tightly with sales outreach.

Social media, digital advertising, email marketing and website conversion optimization are the preferred methods to find and convert prospects from marketing services.

Content Campaign Strategy, Design and Execution

Kaul Sales Partners engages with your subject matter experts to develop high-value content that supports campaigns for specific pipeline segments. We ask questions and turn those conversations into finished drafts, taking the writing assignment off your plate.
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