Outbound Prospecting, Lead & Demand Generation

/Outbound Prospecting, Lead & Demand Generation

Outbound Prospecting, Lead & Demand Generation

Agile Fusion of Strategy and Execution — All Supported by Veteran BizDev Directors

Our proprietary sales process strikes a balance between rigor and agility.

At Kaul Sales Partners, we have integrated the scientific rigor of social science with the high art of consultative selling to create a team approach to outbound prospecting and digital marketing that is truly unique.

Our team consists of business development and sales experts, social researchers, administrators, digital marketing experts, copywriters and business strategists—all collaborating together in an environment of constant communication, testing and continuous improvement.


The goal of this phase is to generate positive responses from interested prospects. We gather detailed information about a specific prospective buyer of a product or service and reach out with a hyper-personalized message through multiple channels.

  • Smart Lists that identify the best company leads based on our market synopsis
  • Campaigns to introduce the client’s offering and to seek out the appropriate decision makers
  • Alerts that consist of business event and media triggers designed to indicate the right time to make a specific offer to a specific lead
  • Research designed to personalize messaging and tie the lead’s circumstances into our value proposition
  • Outreach that includes a combination of smart calls, hyper-personalized emails and LinkedIn messaging to generated multiple touches and elicit response
  • Collateral that is targeted to generate further interest and provide additional touches
  • Messaging that ensures your compelling value proposition is consistently communicated from your elevator speech to your digital marketing and everything in between


The goal of this phase is to convince a qualified prospect to have a structured conversation with the client. Our business developer establishes a relationship with the prospect on the phone, armed with specific research about the contact and the company.

The first order of business is to qualify the prospect, then employ consultative sales techniques to turn interest into opportunity.

  • Prospect Facts that come from careful research on the prospect to make sure our follow-on outreach is informed and productive
  • Follow Up with timely personalized correspondence and phone calls to keep the prospect engaged
  • Qualification with a pre-developed a set of questions that are expertly woven into a conversation designed to qualify interested prospects
  • Assistance offering additional collateral and information to assist the prospect with their decision process
  • Persistence to constantly guide the process toward a meeting or demo, with the client and efficiently facilitating scheduling
  • Nurturing when a prospect is not quite ready to move forward, we will keep in touch with targeted collateral that can be used to generate further interest and provide additional touches

Our business development directors work in tight coordination with our strategy and research team, executing one-to-one outreach to high-value individuals and companies.

The era of “list blasting” is all but dead. We execute the right 21st Century sales strategy for you.

“It’s easy to find evangelists for new ‘smart selling’ approaches, but hard to find companies in the midmarket who can actually pull it off. It takes an astounding amount of research and the right technology/process mix. We give it all to you off the shelf.” – Courtney Minor, Director of Research and Technology, Kaul Sales Partners

In today’s complex world, tightly pulling together written and spoken tactics is critical to success. Our email and LInkedIn outreach approaches are based on industry best practices and guided by analytic feedback loops so we can quickly pivot to the best opportunities.

“Outbound messaging is a tough nut to crack. Successful new tactics are rapidly copied and become ineffective in a matter of weeks; our constant research, testing and refinement put you at the forefront of new best practices and quickly separate you from your competitors.” – Sarah Taillon, Sales Copy Lead, Kaul Sales Partners

Kaul Sales Partners cracked the code on how to design and execute “smart calling” campaigns at scale. It takes teams of dedicated strategists, researchers and writers— all backed by custom integrated software—to make it happen, with the “best of the best” doing targeted phone follow-up where real opportunities live.

“Our sales campaigns are built on agile software development principles: Launch fast, measure often and tweak constantly so you don’t have to risk vital new revenue on the success of ‘big launch’ initiatives that burn too much runway for uncertain results. When I make calls, I already know why I’m reaching out to the person and have all the information about them and their company right at my fingertips.” – John Landi, Business Development Director, Kaul Sales Partners

Prospecting/Lead Generation Campaign Services:

  • Surgical Lead Selection
  • Hyper-Personalized Messaging Development
  • Granular Reporting and Lead Tracking
  • Full Administrative and Technical Support
  • Access to Best-in-Class Marketing and Sales Software Tools
  • Senior-Level Business Development Support

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