Operations Administrator

Kaul Sales Partners is seeking an Operations Administrator to work directly for the COO as an independent contractor.  This position is  flexible, long-term, averages about 30 hours week and is a 100% virtual opportunity. The candidate must be willing to work during ET business hours and have a broadband connection, quiet workspace (a lot of video conferencing) and a fast Windows or Mac computer.

Client Administration Responsibilities

  • Take copious notes on all client calls
  • Make sure that COO is fully prepared for each client call by delivering all reports prior to each client meeting, ensuring all reporting is finished and accurate and all issues to discuss are properly documented
  • Meeting scheduling for client interactions
  • Document and assign any KSP or Client-owned deliverables resulting from client interactions
  • Coordinate the client onboarding process and communicate with appropriate client/KSP resources to make sure everything is set up on schedule

Operations Administration Responsibilities

  • Handle all operations requests and make sure they are well defined and properly assigned
  • Research blockers that are raised by operation personnel and make sure that the proper action is taken to remove those blockers.
  • Act as COO’s surrogate when needed for priority or scheduling conflicts
  • Take copious notes on general operational meetings and make sure that all resulting tasks are assigned
  • Schedule meetings for all operations personnel when they require complex calendar coordination
  • Collect expense allocation data each month and report to senior management
  • Take on client special projects as assigned by COO

Skills Required:

  • Communications – good listener, clear, concise, friendly, open-minded and respectful
  • Technical – Google tool suite, chat, video conferencing, calendaring, email
  • Interpersonal – Collaborative, creative, customer-oriented, problem-solver, conflict manager, persuasive, learner, professional
  • Organization – multi-tasker, flexible, deadline aware, tactful prodding, finder of things, coordination, preparation, note-taking, summarizing, cataloging
  • Research – business comprehension, search engine usage, database searches, reading comprehension
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