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Message Strategy Platform Development

A Sales-Driven Sprint to Language That Sells

We believe that all marketing activity is more effective when subordinated to a sales culture. Concurrent with Market Strategy Platform Development, we quickly take input from all stakeholders to ensure your differentiation is precise and your go-to-market language is as sharp as a razor.

This way everybody on both our teams is armed with language that cuts through market clutter and produces measurable forward movement at every phase of the sales process.

“I’d be extremely surprised to find a sales services provider who is as disciplined and fast at making sense of your total business strategy and reflecting it back to you in such clear, actionable — and sometimes transformative — terms.” – Nate Warren, Content Development Lead, Kaul Sales Partners

Messaging and Positioning Deliverables:

  • Sales Pitch Book: Your “Big Story” in the marketplace
  • Core Message Platform: Complete internal positioning “north stars”
  • Targeted Messaging: Market-facing topline website and social media profile language
  • Value Proposition Statements: Targeted language for prospecting and sales teams
  • Social Proof Matrix: Helps sales quickly cross-reference value propositions with social proof for targeted prospect niches

If what you're doing isn't producing the revenue you want, please contact me for a complimentary action session.