The five major sales traps

This eBook will walk you through 5 common sales traps and instruct you on how to avoid them. Don’t let these mistakes sink your sales goals.

What’s inside?
⦁ The five sales traps that trip up most organizations
⦁ Real-world context and experience
⦁ Advice on avoiding traps and building an effective sales process

Get out of the weeds or die

Is your business prepared to scale?
This eBook will walk you through effective scaling in today’s world, using personal experience to back up industry trends.

What’s inside?
⦁ How to work yourself out of jobs
⦁ How to leveraging a distributed workforce
⦁ Tips on keeping costs low and profits high

Adopting Agile Revenue

What makes a sales team successful?
This eBook lays out the people and processes you’ll need to build a successful sales organization.

What’s inside?
⦁ What elements you need for your sales department
⦁ How to apply ‘agile’ to your sales process
⦁ In-depth definitions of the latest sales concepts