Senior Sales Closer

This opportunity is ideal for corporate refuges, those bored with the conventional sales roles or people recently retired but not yet ready to leave the workforce behind. Our ideal candidate has a strong background in selling software, management consulting, IT services or other complex solutions to enterprise but has left behind the grind of late hours, constant travel and management that does not understand sales.

Kaul Sales Partners represent marketing companies, management consultants, software developers, IT service firms and SaaS software companies, as well as other unique service  companies.

Please explain to us your working methodologies, philosophy of selling and approach related to consultative selling in any/all related industries you have served.

We provide our clients with a suite of services unique in our industry that includes pipeline management and closing services. We will fully integrate you into our digital marketing approach to sales prospecting, lead generation, and assisting clients in “closing the sale”. This requires both strategic, and “in the trenches” sales capability, with a strong passion for personal accountability.

Please reach out with a detailed cover letter (specifics about why you would want, and why you would succeed in this role. Please provide both a resume and LinkedIn profile to