THE CLIENT: IT Managed Services Provider

sales calls


Our client, an IT outsourcing company, was facing a grim reality: While they were incredibly skilled as IT professionals, they weren’t salespeople. As such, they were having great difficulties in generating new business.

How could they position themselves as a new, better option to prospects? They could only guess at what were the right “hot button” issues to talk about at the right time. And they weren’t having much success with their chosen approach — volume cold calling.


Kaul Sales Partners’ years of working with IT industry prospects has taught us that most won’t switch to new providers unless the “sky is falling”: for example, if an internal IT person quits, or the existing outsourced company provides horrible customer service. Only in dire circumstances would they be open to a new conversation, so we recommended an approach that measured client-ready opportunities and closed business, instead of a high lead volume.

When a prospect responded to cold outreach and was ready to buy, we knew that they were facing that “sky is falling” scenario. That was when our opportunity for conversion would be at its highest.


“Calls made” and “meetings scheduled” are valid metrics in some contexts, but in this case, a focus on building a small pipeline of extremely motivated buyers produced great results. Within just four months of launching our campaign, the client found themselves with five new business opportunities, one of which became a client by the fifth month of our working together.