THE CLIENT: Consulting Firm

competition sales


For quite some time, our client had successfully leveraged to obtain new contracts and grow their business. But when they found themselves among an oversupply of consultants and increased competition for contracts, the path to greater revenue became far less clear.


After Kaul Sales Partners was engaged, we identified the need to connect with existing companies that were paying for the system, but didn’t appear to realize its full potential. Scanning the landscape of users, it was easy to see a wide range of perspectives and needs across the C-level, Sales, IT and Service departments. How could we speak to all of them? Not with one message alone. We designed an outreach campaign employing four different message segments so that each distinct audience could receive an approach made just for them.


Within the first six months of the sales outreach campaign, our client signed its first contract. The value of this engagement produced positive ROI for the company’s sales investment in a short time period, giving them a platform for further success.