THE CLIENT: Management Consulting and Medical Informatics Company

boardroom sales


What happens when you’re able to get meetings at the board level…but you can’t close new business?

Our client — a team of former “Big Four” management consultants — relived this scenario for six years. While the firm had a consulting and data analytics offering that could easily be considered best-in-class, they couldn’t realize revenue and profitability from it.

The issue? The firm’s team members would repeatedly present a powerful solution to senior leadership, but they struggled to convert these initial meetings into subsequent conversations. Were they talking to the wrong people? Was the message of the presentation off? What was the missing component?

One thing was certain: Something needed to change in a hurry, because the firm’s founder was not willing to indefinitely pour money into the company while opportunities disappeared.


When the firm began working with Kaul Sales Partners, we came to the realization that while our client had managed to “get in the room,” their true prospect was likely below the CEO level. They were speaking to CEOs at an extremely high level of complexity. Even a CEO who was impressed by our client couldn’t translate the message to other stakeholders in the organization.

We convened a special strategy workshop to discover how our client could articulate its company value in a new way. Focusing on healthcare systems, we turned away from targeting CEOs and instead designed a sales campaign targeting individuals in the healthcare system who were responsible for better financial and clinical outcomes.

Next, we honed our message by showing the impact of medical decisions in a healthcare system — backed by robust data. Our new approach stood an excellent chance of moving them beyond the initial interest stage and toward internal buy-in.


By engaging with Kaul Sales Partners, our client began thinking about their business in an entirely new way. Our focus on new positioning, identifying the right decision maker, altering the primary message and building a presentation more in sync with the prospect’s process delivered a breakthrough. We were able to deliver a major opportunity for our client to engage a large hospital system with their data offering. The deal closed shortly — and senior leadership was engaged in the right part of the process.

Now, instead of merely getting that first meeting, our client is getting the deal done and winning more business with their game-changing solution.