THE CLIENT: Creative Design Agency


Our client, a strategic design firm, had a marvelous creative portfolio. Their work was exceptional and they felt that the world should know about it through email. So they blasted away. For three years. While they achieved solid open and click rates, their email outreach resulted in no calls with prospects and no new business.


Obviously something had to change. Kaul Sales Partners determined that it wasn’t a list or messaging problem — it was the format and process they were using.

We saw greater opportunity in scaling back the highly designed templates and work examples while dialing up the directness of text-based emails. If the prospect wanted to see more, they could easily do that with an embedded link in the outbound message.


Our pivot in format and process resulted in 4–8 new and qualified meetings every single month — using the exact same list from the agency’s previously unsuccessful campaigns. Prospects who had ignored agency emails for three years now wanted to learn more. One of those conversations resulted in a new account that covered Kaul Sales Partners fees for two years.