THE CLIENT: Software Design Firm

closed sales deals


It’s easy to fall in love with metrics of engagement. But at the end of the day, our client in the software design space knew that responses and revenue make the world go ‘round. They’d already made a significant investment in B2B content marketing (such as newsletters and thought leadership papers), so the question became…what now?


Rather than counting on content to drive inbound leads, Kaul Sales Partners saw an opportunity to shift direction: What if we used the valuable content to support an outbound marketing campaign instead? Inserting the content into a sales campaign format, we designed a variety of campaigns to run for two-month periods. These campaigns gave the client an active lead nurture program that covered the crucial market segments they coveted.


In the first five months, the client enjoyed phenomenal results from the nurture program — three new clients that would ultimately provide them with enough revenue to cover seven years of our fees. For the first time, they’ve seen significant business value from a marketing investment that now includes sales capabilities.