THE CLIENT: Niche Research/Branding/Advertising Firm


Often the largest B2B sales challenge for agencies is figuring out an intersection of bold differentiation in the typical clamor that prospects hear — which usually centers around capabilities and credentials.

Our client truly had a “best and only” story to tell in their arena — with major brands and killer outcomes in the Work section of their website. So what was the problem?

First, the “cobbler’s children” rule was in effect; the agency had a tough time differentiating its key sales messages as ably as it had done for so many major brands. Secondly, almost no formal sales processes were in place.


Kaul Sales Partners partnered with our client to define areas of probable wins and launched multiple campaigns, constantly making quick adjustments to campaign strategy, email content and sales calling approach. This was paired with consultative sales coaching for the company’s principal.


We solved the agency’s sales problem by bringing on new clients, including a critical key account with a major food company — and have cultivated pipeline conversations with several more companies. These are companies that our client would most likely not be talking to without our intense collaboration and agile approach.