THE CLIENT: Software Development Company

clear message


What happens when you can’t answer the question, “What do you do?”

Try as they might, our software developer client was having a horrible time conveying a clear answer. They couldn’t begin to speak to a value proposition without a whiteboard and projector.

This lack of clarity was compounded by a lead generation vendor that engaged in bad business practices; our client’s vendor was not only falling short of expectations, they were also damaging the software developer’s reputation in the process.


At Kaul Sales Partners, we knew the key to building a smarter sales campaign didn’t revolve around creating a value proposition for our client, but rather identifying the biggest challenges their prospects faced in very specific situations. From these situations we would bridge the gap to choosing our client as a logical solution to their pain.

Our strategy called for two sales campaigns to two distinct audiences. One campaign would focus on investors frustrated by the ROI on their investments. The other campaign would reach technology executives in large enterprises and universities that were struggling to deliver ROI to their corporate overlords.


Within the first week of working with Kaul Sales Partners, the software developer experienced a flood of meetings — an average of two per week. More importantly, they were meetings with precisely the kind of prospects that the client coveted, from heads of innovation departments in large organizations to venture capitalist partners of leading firms. Both sales campaigns were a rousing success in the lead generation department. By the time we launched the second sales campaign, the client was celebrating new client revenue from a large global publishing company.