THE CLIENT: eCommerce Software Company

sales pipline leak


Many of our clients’ leads were falling through the cracks due to sales staff turnover. Facing an audience of prospects that was highly skeptical of their offering, the company’s salespeople consistently struggled to close deals.


In an effort to overcome the lack of urgency felt by prospects, the company turned to Kaul Sales Partners. First, we saw an opportunity to convey the unique value proposition in a much clearer and more focused way. Secondly, we increased outreach frequency, shortening the sales cycle in the process. Finally, rather than measure the number of meetings scheduled, we concentrated exclusively on revenue as our primary desired outcome.


With our help, the client quickly found themselves with 23 prospects in the first four months of the sales campaign. But we knew that we still needed to convert those prospects in the pipeline. Through our persistence, Kaul Sales Partners not only closed five clients, but also moved six prospects further along the sales funnel and even transformed several leads that had gone ice cold for years into warm leads once again.

Now that we have a solid pipeline our client closes from 2 to 4 new clients each month.