THE CLIENT: Venture-Backed Software Company

product demo


When your software offers an excellent value proposition for the C-suite, a lot of things should fall into place from there. Unfortunately for our client in the software realm, not very much was in alignment at all.

They had a junior sales team that couldn’t close business, but thought the lead generation program was “successful” because they’d talked to 2–3 prospects per week.

They got there using a telemarketing firm that couldn’t do anything beyond scheduling software demos.

In short, a misguided strategy was creating outreach activity but zero opportunity. The company was doing little more than going through the motions of lead generation.


It didn’t take Kaul Sales Partners long to realize that the sales process was severely broken. First, leading with a product demo to HR benefits managers was not a good first step toward engaging C-level executives. So we ripped up the call scripts and crafted a better approach that focused on the right issues.

We knew that our new messaging had to show executives a clear line from the investment to significant ROI. In many instances, we were counting on our message to resonate so powerfully that the executives would create room in their budgets that wasn’t there previously. We targeted those executives with an offer to prove the financial value of the software. Corporate sponsorship would overcome the inevitable lack of HR budget at the benefits manager level.


By shifting our client’s sales focus away from product demos and into financial conversations relevant to executive leaders, they found much greater success in true lead generation and conversion. In the first four months of working with Kaul Sales Partners, the company sourced a new business opportunity worth enough to cover two years’ worth of our fees.

Rather than measuring their success by the number of demos they scheduled or calls they made, our client is now laser-focused on the metrics that matter most to them: opportunities created at the C-level and revenue closed.