THE CLIENT: Real Estate Photography Platform

real estate sales strategy

A platform for professional real estate photographers was off to a good start in its niche, offering superior hosted virtual real estate tour functionality for thousands of photographers.

But the company is also an R&D and thought leader with ambitions to move the business’ positioning into a “total business platform” for a more ambitious breed of customer.

Kaul Sales Partners translated the collaborative messaging work into multimedia sales campaign (email, phone and LinkedIn outreach) messaging designed to get the market pivot off the ground.

To guarantee that successful lead generation would translate into tangible pipeline opportunities, Kaul Sales Partners also met with the client team in Atlanta to talk consultative sales. The goal was to transform the sales culture across all departments in the company. This was a requirement, as selling a total business platform requires a different sort of sales conversation than signing up a client for a photography presentation service.

The new messaging and consultative sales approach has shifted customer mix towards the high end — average size of a signup since the new website came out is up approximately 110%, and they are signing more high-value customers, allowing them to better focus their energies. Year-over-year new customer acquisition is higher than it’s been since 2013.


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