THE CLIENT: Manufacturing Sales Software Maker


An expert consulting firm in the manufacturing industry planned a launch for a new software product. The company owner had constructed a message and marketing plan, but did not have the resources or time to build an effective sales department. He hired Kaul Sales Partners to handle a perceived lead generation problem — in reality, his challenge in finding a “cold caller” to manage the entire outbound sales effort was not the most pressing issue.


This client had a best-in-class solution that was the only option for smaller manufacturing sales teams to produce quick, failsafe quotes for complex products. However, during our first exploratory conversation, we discovered that this key value proposition had been buried and needed to be front and center.

Our creative and strategy team worked closely with our client to craft an outbound campaign around this strong message: That a manufacturing sales organization can be the first in line with a 100% accurate bid — without the sales team being dependent on factory and technical staff.


Our instincts about the power of this message were quickly validated: The client signed a deal in the first few months of our engagement — with 19 promising prospects in the pipeline stacked up behind that. (File under “Nice Problems to Have”: The client requested that we tap the brakes on outreach to the current target segment so that current prospect interest didn’t overwhelm the implementation team!)