Revenue Action Session Agenda




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Revenue and Profit Strategy Session Platform

Business Situation

Your Name
Company Name
What are your greatest business frustrations?
Where do you want to take your business?
How will you get there and what holds you back?
What have you tried that worked or failed over the past few years?
Which new approaches are you trying or considering?
Describe revenue and profit trends over the past few years.

Market Alignment Analysis

What are your core competencies and most important product offerings?
Who are your ideal target markets, key segments and value propositions?
Tell us about the most important buyer persona in each critical market segment.
Which companies make up your core competitive set?
Why will prospects handle issues internally rather than hire an outside party?
If you were placing your company on a magic quadrant diagram, would you be a niche player, challenger, visionary or leader?

SWOT Analysis

→ Strength: Advantage of core expertise and differentiation
→ Weakness: Competitor strengths in each market segment
→ Opportunities: Highest value potential for clients and company
→ Threat: Pressures likely to lead to market failure

Market Opportunity Action Items

What clients are most likely to close and deliver future growth and profit?
How do you connect core expertise with buyer business and emotional needs?
How do you stake out a strong position in the likely competitive set?
What easy to test trial or limited offering do you offer prospective new clients?
What is your approach to key account sales strategy?

Demand Generation, Lead Creation and Outbound Prospecting Strategies

What campaign segments: persona and segment audiences do you successfully reach?
What media has worked for each segment and how much does it cost to support the sales effort?
What content is written to support each sales campaign, how well is it working and what is your content calendar timeline?
How have you executed campaigns: batched email sends, cold calls, warm calls, LinkedIn, trade shows, social media groups and other outreach?
How have you expanded business with current clients and handle referrals?
How have you developed, entered or managed user groups to enhance relationships with existing clients and create key influencers to generate inbound referrals and leads?

Core Message Platform

Define and defend your companies' core position - Synthesis for sales and marketing messaging.
Internal Use

Positioning Statement - To TARGET MARKET, your company is the FRAME OF REFERENCE that provides DIFFERENTIATION because of its JUSTIFICATION.

Positioning Statement - What is your current statement?
Mission Statement - Why does your company exist?
Vision Statement - What do you want to be?
Brand Personality Attributes - How do clients feel about your company?
External Use
Write your current market-facing messaging (should be anchored in your positioning statement.)
What is your Logo Tagline?
Website headline and supporting statement
About Us copy
Social Media copy
Website content map
Landing page content
Client and Webinar Presentations
Create conversational sales messaging elements
How do you introduce your company at a trade show?
What do you say when a prospect gives you their attention?
How do you engage a prospect on a cold call?
What is your cold outreach voicemail message?
What do you tell a “gatekeeper” when you need an introduction?
What objections do prospects have and what are your counters?

Pipeline Build, Acceleration and Reporting Systems

What is your ongoing outbound sales and marketing campaign strategy?
How do you score the prospect leads: client value, likelihood and timeline to close?
What is your plan to get and keep in touch with targeted custom content for prospects as they emerge from the initial outbound campaigns?
How will you manage the sales pipeline for high value prospects after your initial discovery meetings?

Sales Opportunity Creation and Closing Approach

How do you identify prospect opportunities and qualify them on and after the first connection?
What is your approach and agenda for opportunity needs analysis conversations?
How do you lead the sales process from needs analysis through closing cycle?
What is your consultative selling approach and do you offer ongoing coaching and support to those in the sales role?

Technology and Logistical Platforms

What administrative resources support the entire sales process from beginning to end?
What marketing, sales, document management and communications platforms and processes support the entire sales process?
How do you monitor and measure success: pipeline meetings, analytics and reporting?
How will you prepare, scrub and manage a segmented list?
What is your plan to adjust for declining email open rates, ISP spam throttling and ESP and LinkedIn terms and condition risks?
What systems do you use to monitor web traffic, landing page builds, website content, clicks, opens and conversions?