Increase Your Revenue and High-Profit Wins with the Right Clients

If you lack key elements of sophisticated or robust strategic, sales and marketing support,
hire Kaul Sales Partners as your sales-driven marketing strategy and execution firm.

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Our approach includes a Pathway to Revenue no-obligation profit action session to lower the risk that you don’t fund another likely to fail sales, marketing and lead generation program.


Kaul Sales Partners quickly plugs in our agile, innovative and strategic sales department providing you with deep expertise in business, marketing and sales strategy and supporting it with complete technological, execution and operational support, making the most of your expertise, abilities and market opportunity.

“As a business owner who has tried every combination of sales support over 20 years, Kaul Sales Partners has been the right decision for us. You get a team of dedicated, experienced marketing and sales people that provide results.”

Joyce Query, Owner, I-Squared

“Larry is, simply, one of the best strategic salespeople it’s ever been my pleasure to work with. Our sales team’s results improved steadily, with certainty of profitability of our investment in sales.”

Adam Gordon, Principal, The Oya Group

“For years I have been looking for someone to prospect for my business. A ‘manufacturer’s rep for service businesses’, so to speak. I was never successful in finding anyone like that, until I met Larry.”

John Fox, Principal, John Fox Marketing Consulting

“We closed business in the first month of selling with Kaul Sales Partners. After 3 months we are sitting on 17 opportunities. I’m confident in our future success.”

Mark Brown, CEO, Configurex

“The first Kaul Sales Partners campaign generated 2 new clients and provided a pathway to significant future engagement for one of them. We signed the 3rd this week!”

Paul Guirata, Managing Partner, Catalyst Resources

“Larry and his team were great at understanding our needs and then developing and executing a lead generation program. It resulted in new business and we were very pleased with the results.”

Duncan Robinson, President, TransDR

“We’ve engaged with similar agencies in the past. But there’s nothing similar about Kaul. They’re thoughtful, collaborative, professional and a pleasure to work with. In a short time, they’ve become our business partners.”  

Eric Brody, President, Trajectory

“Larry has helped me across the entire marketing and sales lifecycle. He brings a new level of professional sales to my prospect follow-ups. Better still is his openness to continuously improving his services so that my company receives optimum business development results.”

Kanhai Kapadia, Founder, KGK & Company

“Kaul Sales Partners are innovative and always seeking better ways to make an impact. Hiring all this capability by myself would have been extremely expensive. I’m very impressed with the amount of high-quality opportunities — these are companies that we wouldn’t even be talking to otherwise.”

Ignacio Guzman, CEO, Latin Brand

“Kaul Sales Partners took our sales capabilities and pipeline to the next level. We have been more successful in our first year with Larry than over the past 6 years since founding our business.”

Dennis Patterson, CEO, Verras International

“We hired Kaul Sales Partners to scale our sales capabilities as fast as possible to deliver a very aggressive sales plan. The results were fast and furious. His team helped us create millions of dollars worth of viable opportunities in a few short months. KSP also refined and clarified our value proposition, sales messaging and approach to initial prospect conversations. I’ve never seen a lead generation company work as a true business partner. It’s been a great experience and we see a lot of new business coming from the effort.”

Rick Engels, VP Sales, King Retail Solutions

“KSP helped us shift our client mix to the high end, increase average signups 110%. We get fewer crappy customers and our new acquisition is higher than it’s been since 2013.”

Alan Pinstein, Co-Founder and CEO, TourBuzz

“The Kaul Sales Partners approach to closing business blew me away. After years and years in business it was like learning a new religion. They offer so much more than the typical lead generation company”

Marc de Leuw CEO ISEBOX

Discover the Kaul Sales Partners Pathway To New Revenue and Profit:

With Sales, Marketing and Outsourced Lead Generation and Prospecting Services.

We function as an organic extension of your team to deliver actionable strategic

analysis and 100% on-the-ground execution.

Do you have a new business machine that brings you revenue on demand?

Are you afraid to make yet another wasted investment in sales and marketing?

Learn the top five ways that CEOs of established or emerging companies try (and fail) to solve their business development problems. With sales tactics to avoid.


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